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Comfortable and Beautiful – Nail on the Head February 13, 2008

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Excellent job!  Those are quite beautiful.  I really like the different designs on each.  Very nice.  I think $25-$35 is a good range…especially depending on how much detail you put on them.  Basically, for fair pricing, I try to take into account the materials, and then how many hours it took to create.  Then figure out how much you are paying yourself an hour. 

Another suggestion, so that you could have different price ranges, is to make the shell of the pillow…because the form or the stuffing (not sure what you are using), is probably a good chunk of the cost.  So, you could sell different pillow covers, and then people could cover pillows they already have.  

Beautiful combination of fabrics!  Good job.  🙂 


Ollie & Junebug Pillows

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So, here is what I got done over my weekend!  I made a sample of the pillows I want to make.  I have only used pins to put on the flowers so I can play with the designs I can make.  I still think it’d be a good idea to do coordinating, simpler pillows that use the same fabrics/colors, so that I could sell sets.  I’m not sure what a good price range would be for these.  It seems most pillows on etsy are in the $25-35 range.  What are your thoughts?

Red, White, & Blue Pillow: Version 3Red, White, and Blue Pillow: Version 1Red, White, & Blue Pillow: Version 4
Red, White, & Blue Pillow: Version 2Red, White & Blue Pillow: Version 5


What YOU Did With Your Weekend February 12, 2008

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Okay, first of all, very amazing weekend you had!  Here are my thoughts-

Lingerie bag- Awesome idea.  And your copy makes so much sense.  Things to make traveling more organized and less embarrassing at security….what a great idea.  I think you should range the fabric from more classic prints to more funky/colorful ones.  The price seems on target.  I think I’d pay $15-$20 for something like that easily.

Another idea- create matching sets.  Perhaps you can do a lingerie bag, a little travel laundry bag, and a cosmetics case?  Ooooo…or a passport holder/cover.  That could help add to the range of prices you have on offer. 

Oh, and I totally think you could incorporate your food theme into this.  An apple in the corners of the items or something…super cute.

Cupcake Art- So so cute!  Definitely perfect for a kitchen.  I’d like one using the black/silver/white color scheme we’re redoing our kitchen in!  😉  Just putting my order in now. 🙂  Ideas…hmm…I think you could do sets for this as well.  Maybe three small ones in a set.  And you could even just use matting and a frame so you don’t have to spend the time beading the edges on all of them.  So three different cupcakes in coordinating colors and then matching matting and frames.  I think you could sell a set of three for like $50-$60.


What I did with my weekend…

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Okay, so I’m working on a few different projects right now.  For my Satin Taffy shop on Etsy, I would like to start off selling lingerie bags and my new art that I’ve been working on.  Here are some of my first finished pieces.  Let me know what you think and help me get an idea of price.  I’ll put what I’m thinking for price below each pictures.

Lingerie Bag Lingerie Bag - Closeup
Lingerie Bag
Two pockets, one for clean panties and one for “to be laundered” panties.  Now, going through security will never be embarrassing again.  Rhinestones sparkle on one side to help you tell the difference between the pockets.  With a ribbon to tie it all together, it can lie flat or roll up to save space.

Cupcake 1  Cupcake 1 - Close up
Cupcake Art
A 5″x5″ framed cupcake using a needle felt technique.  Sprinkle beads spot the top of the frosting.  Perfect to post in your kitchen for inspiration!

Cupcake 2 Cupcake 2 Close up
Cupcake Art

A 6″x6″ framed cupcake using a needle felt technique.  Sprinkle beads spot the top of the frosting.  Perfect to post in your kitchen for inspiration!

So, I think I used all our images space…let me know how to delete some photos.  And, let me know what you think of the above.  Thanks!


Inspiring Me: Toybreaker

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I wish Rob would wear a tie like this. I would love to support this amazing shop. Not only are the products so cool and interesting, but the pictures are beautiful.


Inspiring Me: The Charm School Dropout February 8, 2008

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The Charm School Dropout

Loving the mixed media work of Sarah Collier over at The Charm School Dropout on Etsy.  I love how the images and words and colors flow together.  I already have a place picked out in my house for this…when hubby lets me buy it.  😉  Definitely a new Etsy fav!


3am Brainstorm

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So, when I was up in the middle of the night thinking of random things instead of trying to get back to sleep, I was thinking about our theory that you should have a range of prices for your products on etsy.  I think what I might do is have the fancier pillows, and then have coordinating pillows that have matching solids/patterns but are much quicker to producer.  Then I can sell the coordinating pillows alone (lower price), the fancier pillows (moderate price), and then sell them as sets (higher price).  So, if someone was looking for cute accent pillow for their couch, they could buy say, one of the more intricate ones and two matching coordinates.  Thoughts?