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A Nice Article About Etsy March 12, 2008

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Check out this nice article about Etsy from Shannon at The Social Networking Girl.  She placed an order with BizzieLizzie, and loved the experience from start to finish.  I’m always impressed by the crafting community, but it was really interesting to read it from the customer’s perspective.  Here’s a sneak peak of the article:

If you’re wondering what my point is, I do have one.  This is social networking. This is not giant announcements or grand schemes. This is one person at a time, doing a good job, and being friendly and considerate.  It’s about Charlotte being nice and about me then telling everyone I know how great she is. It’s about being positive, and kind and knowing that ’social networking’ isn’t just about promoting your latest blog post, or telling people to go read something you wrote, or self-promotion.. it’s about an almost ‘grassroots’ way of spreading kindness. (more)