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WIP: Crocheted Pillow March 9, 2008

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Just wanted to share what I got up to this weekend…besides photoshopping, upholstering our couch and rearranging the furniture in the living room to accommodate hubby’s monstrous new tv, that is.  I really want all of my pillows to play on texture, so I set about a pillow cover that incorporates some of my crochet work.  It’s only pinned onto the pillow form at this point, but here’s a sneak peak:

 Crocheted Pillow

I unfortunately had no sunlight this weekend to work with, so I’ll have to try and get a better picture for you all later in the week.  The fabric is a cocoa brown, and the crochet is a teal, tan, and chocolate brown mix.  I think I might want to incorporate one more element…so stay tuned for the finished product!


ollie & junebug banner: i think i’m closer…

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Thank you for all your advice, thankyouenjoy!  You said the version you ended up on for your banner made you happy when you looked at it…and I definitely felt happier when I looked at the grey, white, and orange color scheme, so I went back to that.  I added texture to the grey background via a pic of cardstock as you suggested.  I also used the white flower and incorporated it into the left little logo part.  I think I’m getting a lot closer.  So, below please find round THREE! 🙂

take 3


ollie, junebug, and the ever evolving banner March 8, 2008

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Okay, so I’m working on my banner yet again today.  I wish I was bit more capable when it comes to photoshop (ugh).  I did find a photo that I took in New Orleans to add to the background for some texture.  I tried a new color, too.

I really want to get a condensed “o&j” incorporated into it, that I can pull and put on small tags and such, but I’m not sure that this simple version in a square is appealing enough.  Thoughts?  (Once again, click on the banner to view it full-sized.)

take 2


ollie & junebug: font time! March 4, 2008

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I’m trying to narrow down what fonts I might want to use for my logos/banners, etc., as well as a good color scheme to work off…that I could incorporate into packaging, etc.  I think I know my favorites on this list, but I’ll wait to share until after I get some unbiased opinions from you! 

ollie & junebug font test

Ollie & Junebug Pillows February 13, 2008

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So, here is what I got done over my weekend!  I made a sample of the pillows I want to make.  I have only used pins to put on the flowers so I can play with the designs I can make.  I still think it’d be a good idea to do coordinating, simpler pillows that use the same fabrics/colors, so that I could sell sets.  I’m not sure what a good price range would be for these.  It seems most pillows on etsy are in the $25-35 range.  What are your thoughts?

Red, White, & Blue Pillow: Version 3Red, White, and Blue Pillow: Version 1Red, White, & Blue Pillow: Version 4
Red, White, & Blue Pillow: Version 2Red, White & Blue Pillow: Version 5


What YOU Did With Your Weekend February 12, 2008

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Okay, first of all, very amazing weekend you had!  Here are my thoughts-

Lingerie bag- Awesome idea.  And your copy makes so much sense.  Things to make traveling more organized and less embarrassing at security….what a great idea.  I think you should range the fabric from more classic prints to more funky/colorful ones.  The price seems on target.  I think I’d pay $15-$20 for something like that easily.

Another idea- create matching sets.  Perhaps you can do a lingerie bag, a little travel laundry bag, and a cosmetics case?  Ooooo…or a passport holder/cover.  That could help add to the range of prices you have on offer. 

Oh, and I totally think you could incorporate your food theme into this.  An apple in the corners of the items or something…super cute.

Cupcake Art- So so cute!  Definitely perfect for a kitchen.  I’d like one using the black/silver/white color scheme we’re redoing our kitchen in!  😉  Just putting my order in now. 🙂  Ideas…hmm…I think you could do sets for this as well.  Maybe three small ones in a set.  And you could even just use matting and a frame so you don’t have to spend the time beading the edges on all of them.  So three different cupcakes in coordinating colors and then matching matting and frames.  I think you could sell a set of three for like $50-$60.