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Ollie & Junebug: Busy April Days April 4, 2008

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It’s the third day of the month, well, getting close to the fourth now, and I can already tell it’s going to be one heck of a month!  Things got busy towards the end of March, and now they seem to just keep getting busier.  Oh well!  Such is life I guess.  I’m trying to fit in all my creative/crafty activities in-between and before and after everything else that life throws my way.  Hopefully that means a lot more time on here, because I still want to share a lot of crafters out there who inspire me.  And, of course, share with you the little things I get time to do, like this little piece, that I created tonight: Flower Burst

Alright, time for busy ladies to get their sleep!  Sweet dreams fellow crafters!


Ollie & Junebug: March Madness March 26, 2008

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March Madness

Using new photos from the D.C. trip this weekend.  I’m in a funky tree phase obviously.  Hopefully I can work on a series using a different focus this weekend.  I got really inspired by some exhibits we saw at the National Gallery.  We’ll see what comes of that…. 🙂


Ollie & Junebug: Forest Craziness March 17, 2008

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So, here are some of the digital pieces I created using my photography this weekend.  It’s really fun to manipulate photographs this way.  I’m going to have to dig into my ridiculously large amount of photos and pull out the best ones to make brushes in Photoshop with.  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!!

Forest 1 Forest 3 Forest 4 Forest 2


Ollie & Junebug: Colors March 15, 2008

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Colors.  In art, I feel like they express what’s going on with me.  I guess this is what’s going on with me tonight– blacks and greys and whites.  I was learning photoshop brushes and making them out of my photographs and this is what I ended up making. 
Do you have days where your art reflects your mood no matter how hard you try? 

Ollie & Junebug: Gettin’ Creative March 11, 2008

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I’m trying to do something crafty/creative every day.  Even the days that I’m stuck in the office for far too many hours.  I’ve been doing sketches of pillows the past few days, so today I changed things up a bit and did some photoshopping.  I am still learning Photoshop, so I figured spending some time playing around with it would help me learn and get creative at the same time.  Here’s the pattern I created on my train ride home.  It’s really simple, but I love the colors and it’s all about practice, practice, practice, right?!