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Fellow Crafters: 2nd Annual Softies Awards April 19, 2008

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Alright, well I have five pillows all set and ready to be sewn up tomorrow.  And I have five more designs in the works.  I think I might just pull this whole thing off.  Hooray!  Of course, Sunday I have to clean the house in a MAJOR way.  All my craft stuff is everywhere, and Hubby returns on Monday night! 

In other news, check out the amazing entries for the 2nd Annual Softies Awards.  There are tons of entries from Etsy crafters.  It’s really amazing to see what they can come up with.  Here are just a couple of my favorite entries (seriously, it was really hard to decide which ones to post here!):

 scraps by i piccolini di gaia

 loricus the elefoof by julie of gleeful things

Definitely check out the flicker group.  There are so many softies to fall in love with there!



2 Responses to “Fellow Crafters: 2nd Annual Softies Awards”

  1. Leslie Says:

    Okay that elephant is so cute I can’t look directly at it. What I really came in to comment about, and please forgive me for being such a backseat driver or if I am overstepping my welcome here, but I think it would be incredibly helpful to have a bigass link to your etsy shop somewhere obvious and highly visible on your blog. I’m frustrated looking around your blog because it’s a great blog and it makes me want to see your shop! I’m american though so I don’t like to have to work too hard for anything 🙂

    I’m definitely coming back here. You are even better at etsy hunting than me! And I’m pretty serious about scouring that place.

  2. ollie & junebug Says:

    ha ha! you’re not overstepping at all. our shops are still works in progress (no items up yet). mine will be at, and my fellow crafty lady, Lara, will have her shop at i only have my banners up so far. hopefully within the next month i’ll have a bunch of pillows listed. 🙂 i’ve added a text box with the links up at the top of the right hand nav to help people in the future though- good call!

    i love searching etsy. there is so much good stuff it’s hard to decide what to post about each day!

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