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Inspiring Me: A Little Hut March 12, 2008

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Have you seen Patricia’s work over at A Little Hut?  She does wall art and cards that are definitely on my ever growing list of crafty buys-to-be.  I particularly love the new alphabet wall art she is working on.  How sweet would some A, B, C wall art in a baby/kids room? 

Btw- I totally tried to make something along these lines for Satin Taffy this past Christmas.  It did not get close to comparing to Patricia’s, but I really enjoyed the process of making it!

A Little Hut Wall Art


Choosing Colors March 4, 2008

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Since I was thinking about fonts and colors, I did some digging around in Etsy to see what kind of advice they give.  I found this great article that gives ideas about how to use color to enhance your shop.  Here’s a snippet for your reading pleasure:

Creating a Mood with Color

 Colors can be carefully combined to create a mood within your shop to complement the type of items you are selling.

  • If you are selling delicate, feminine items, you may want to use a soft color palette such as white, yellow and pink.
  • If you are looking to make a bold statement, you can use a warm color palette like yellow, red and orange. These colors have been shown to raise a person’s heart rate and create excitement.
  • A shop selling vintage items, or items with a vintage feel may want to use a color scheme that was popular within the era the items are from or inspired by. For example, if you want your shop to have a 1970’s feel, you might want to use avocado green, brown and mustard yellow.
  • Using a cool color palette can complement a shop filled with eco-friendly products very nicely since the cool colors like blue, green and grey are most commonly found in nature.
  • If your shop items incorporate a broad range of colors, you can use neutral backgrounds like black and white, silver and grey or tan and gold in order to unify your items. Neutral colors will help draw the focus to your product and make the vibrant color palette within your items stand out.
  • Another trick is to create a shop centered around one single background color. This is a great way to brand your shop and create consistency. Take a look at how’s shop uses bright green in the background of every photo. This gives the shop a fun vibrant feeling which perfectly complements the children’s clothing sold in the shop. (more)