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What YOU Did With Your Weekend February 12, 2008

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Okay, first of all, very amazing weekend you had!  Here are my thoughts-

Lingerie bag- Awesome idea.  And your copy makes so much sense.  Things to make traveling more organized and less embarrassing at security….what a great idea.  I think you should range the fabric from more classic prints to more funky/colorful ones.  The price seems on target.  I think I’d pay $15-$20 for something like that easily.

Another idea- create matching sets.  Perhaps you can do a lingerie bag, a little travel laundry bag, and a cosmetics case?  Ooooo…or a passport holder/cover.  That could help add to the range of prices you have on offer. 

Oh, and I totally think you could incorporate your food theme into this.  An apple in the corners of the items or something…super cute.

Cupcake Art- So so cute!  Definitely perfect for a kitchen.  I’d like one using the black/silver/white color scheme we’re redoing our kitchen in!  😉  Just putting my order in now. 🙂  Ideas…hmm…I think you could do sets for this as well.  Maybe three small ones in a set.  And you could even just use matting and a frame so you don’t have to spend the time beading the edges on all of them.  So three different cupcakes in coordinating colors and then matching matting and frames.  I think you could sell a set of three for like $50-$60.