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Inspiring Me: Jig. July 16, 2008

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Well, I got the merging of posts to go away, I think, by deleting a recent post, but I still have pictures randomly missing. I’m not sure why it’s some and not others. Perplexing. Ah, the joys of technology. If only I could mend a blog with needle and thread!

Anyway, I want to tell you all about this wonderful shop I came across, and hopefully I’ll be able to post some pictures with it.* The shop is Jig.  Alyssa, shop owner extraordinaire, makes cutiful onesies, tees, and even “mommy calling cards“. I really love the presentation of the gift sets in wooden boxes, and that everything can be personalized. What a great gift for a new mom–three beautiful onesies with her new little ones name on them…or seven Days of the Week onesies…or how about both!

*O&J Note: I can’t post pictures now, but hopefully I’ll be able to soon.  For now, please check out Alyssa’s shop thru the text links!  It’s worth it…I promise!  Hooray for pictures!

Mommy Calling Cards by Jig.
Mommy Calling Cards by Jig.
Personalized Onesies by Jig.
Personalized Onesies by Jig.

Back to Business July 8, 2008

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Okay- so after a long hiatus, I’m back.  The busiest part of the basketball season is over, the in-laws have come and gone, and summer Fridays are beginning soon.  Woo hoo!  Hope everyone had a lovely 4th of July.  I was down camping with the in-laws near Washington, D.C.  It was fun, but buggy.  The first night, my whole left arm was on fire…I think I had at least seven bites on it.  Blah!  Oh well, that’s what you get campin’, I guess!

Anyway, I was just catching up on my Storque reading and thought this article was really useful.  Check it out:

Service Tips for Sellers: Creating Policies That Work

Dear Sellers,

Recently, a shop policy section has been added to shop profiles, creating an easy to find, centralized place for individual shop policies.  Although creating shop policies is not mandatory, it may be a good option for you. Clear policies let your customers know what to expect; it’s is a good way to earn trust and confidence.  Specific information about shipping, returns, etc. will help customers feel at ease. 

The following are some tips, advice, and seller testimonials on how to craft a shop policy that works:

  • Create fair policies
    Offer a policy that you yourself would most appreciate as a customer.  Policies are meant to protect both you as a seller and your buyers as well.  Consider that a customer who is reading your policies is looking for assurances that it is safe to do business with you.

    • jenngee uses her shop policy page, “…but I’ve felt free to ‘break [my policies]’ when needed (accepting a return long after the return window closed, for example). The rules simply give me something to fall back on, but if I feel that good customer service requires that I bend the rules a bit. I’m not afraid to do that at all.”
  • Stay positive
    Steer clear of negative or concerning phrases like “buyer beware,” or “I don’t take any responsibility.”
  • Keep policies simple
    Policies that are overly wordy can sometimes be confusing and may turn a customer away.  Craft your policies in clear, concise sentences.  

Click here for more!


Ollie & Junebug: Moo Card Designs! April 16, 2008

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So I spent last night working on some Ollie & Junebug business cards.  I want to be able to use them for regular purposes but also as thank you’s and hello’s on my packages.  Here is what I have so far in terms of designs (click to see larger version):


Are they too simple?  I’ll add product shots or something in the future probably, but I was thinking it might be a good idea to focus on branding to start.  What do you think?


Inspiring Me: Stevester April 15, 2008

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Apparently I’m the last one to find this shop…since Stephanie has already sold almost 1500 items (holy goodness!)!  But, just in case one of you other newbies out there hasn’t found it, check out Stevester over on Etsy.  Such creative designs on T-shirts and bags.  Here are two of my favs that will definitely make it on my wishlist this year:


Agapanthus- Womens Scoop Neck Top:


Penguin Canvas Tote:


Ollie & Junebug: The Irish Wife

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Well, I’m missing my husband so in honor of him being in lovely Ireland, I wanted to share two lovely finds from Etsy:

From CKgalleria:

From Emily Elizabeth Jewelry:

I’m busy working on some fabric flowers for my pillows over here.  Hopefully I’ll have lots of pictures to share with you all in the days to come! 


Ollie & Junebug: Finding Fabric Online April 14, 2008

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I started working yesterday on a pillow using the Amy Butler fabric I ordered from Fabricshoppe.  It’s always hard for me to make the first cuts into fabric though.  Especially beautiful Amy Butler fabric.  It’s an art piece on its own.  Oh, I wanted to ask…does anyone buy there fabrics online?  If so, where do you buy from?  Who has the best selection of fabrics to choose from?  I can find a lot of what I am looking for on Etsy, but there are still a few odds and ends that I would probably need to hit up a bigger supplier for.  Thoughts? 

Alright, well I’m a sleepy girl!  I spent my day with a very active 2 year old, and well, she wore me out!  Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!



The Ollie & Junebug Shop Takes Over April 12, 2008

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Well, the husband is off to the Emerald Isle for a while so I’ve taken over the house with all things Ollie & Junbug.  My goal is to get 12 pillows done by the time he gets back.  A lot, I know, but I might as well go for it while I can!  I’m also trying a new art project to tie in with the pillows, so we’ll see how that goes.  Oh, I saw Amy Butler card sets at Michael’s today!  I was like…”I have that fabric and that one”…very cool!  I wonder if she has more than just that or if she’s going to soon.

Anyway, I grabbed some lovely orange and grey packaging items…along with a few random things for my pillows.  Hopefully this will be a very productive week for the shop!