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3am Brainstorm February 8, 2008

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So, when I was up in the middle of the night thinking of random things instead of trying to get back to sleep, I was thinking about our theory that you should have a range of prices for your products on etsy.  I think what I might do is have the fancier pillows, and then have coordinating pillows that have matching solids/patterns but are much quicker to producer.  Then I can sell the coordinating pillows alone (lower price), the fancier pillows (moderate price), and then sell them as sets (higher price).  So, if someone was looking for cute accent pillow for their couch, they could buy say, one of the more intricate ones and two matching coordinates.  Thoughts?


2 Responses to “3am Brainstorm”

  1. smileycap Says:

    Yes, definitely…or you can just make the pillow covers, and let people buy the pillow forms themselves, or cover their current pillows.

  2. yeah, i’ve been thinking about that too, because i’ve been worried about shipping. i keep going back and forth. maybe i’ll offer both….

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