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Comfortable and Beautiful – Nail on the Head February 13, 2008

Filed under: Brainstorming — satin taffy @ 2:52 pm

Excellent job!  Those are quite beautiful.  I really like the different designs on each.  Very nice.  I think $25-$35 is a good range…especially depending on how much detail you put on them.  Basically, for fair pricing, I try to take into account the materials, and then how many hours it took to create.  Then figure out how much you are paying yourself an hour. 

Another suggestion, so that you could have different price ranges, is to make the shell of the pillow…because the form or the stuffing (not sure what you are using), is probably a good chunk of the cost.  So, you could sell different pillow covers, and then people could cover pillows they already have.  

Beautiful combination of fabrics!  Good job.  🙂 


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