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Inspiring Me: CreativePal on Etsy April 7, 2008

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Yes, it’s been awhile.  I had to take a break from my etsy crafting to make some exciting birthday presents.  April is the month of birthdays for me.  Everybody has one month a year where half their friends and family all have birthdays and April brings present showers every year for me.  So, while I would love to at least post some of the projects I’ve been working on for my loved ones, I will have to wait until May in case they stumble upon these posts.  For now, I would like to let you know who is inspiring me today:

You have to go through this site for yourself: CreativePal on Etsy. It took me about half an hour to decide to post the one that I chose above, but it was a tough decision. Absolutley wonderful pieces on this site. Check it out!


One Response to “Inspiring Me: CreativePal on Etsy”

  1. ollie & junebug Says:

    That shop is awesome!

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