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The Ollie & Junebug Shop Takes Over April 12, 2008

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Well, the husband is off to the Emerald Isle for a while so I’ve taken over the house with all things Ollie & Junbug.  My goal is to get 12 pillows done by the time he gets back.  A lot, I know, but I might as well go for it while I can!  I’m also trying a new art project to tie in with the pillows, so we’ll see how that goes.  Oh, I saw Amy Butler card sets at Michael’s today!  I was like…”I have that fabric and that one”…very cool!  I wonder if she has more than just that or if she’s going to soon.

Anyway, I grabbed some lovely orange and grey packaging items…along with a few random things for my pillows.  Hopefully this will be a very productive week for the shop!


2 Responses to “The Ollie & Junebug Shop Takes Over”

  1. lilyeden Says:

    Hi there! Nice to see you at my blog! Yes, Owen is a handfull but I wouldn;t trade him for the world!! I will always get Tibetan’s now.
    And..I love love love the orange and grey combo of colors–beauts!!

    I assume you have an etsy shop? I couldnt see it on yor blog…is it
    Hey, have you ever been able to get that etsy mini to work on wordpress?? I have never ever been able to get that etsy mini in my blog!! ARGH! happy day!

  2. lilyeden Says:

    ugh–i want that etsy mini!! dangit all!

    i got the little etsy logo just by adding a text widget and getting it from etsy: resources:logos
    that they let me do!!

    i’m not sure what a ning is….i am a part of etsygreetings, etsymoms, designingswankymoms and etsybloggers… that what you mean?

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