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Ollie & Junebug WIP: Pretty in Pink April 6, 2008

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Here is a pillow I started working on this weekend…in between laundry and cleaning and grocery shopping!  I haven’t sewn it all up yet, because I’m still deciding if I’m satisfied with how it’s looking.  Thinking maybe some darker pink for the flowers or maybe mixing in the darker and lighter pink for them.  Thoughts are welcome!

The fabric:

The pillow:


3 Responses to “Ollie & Junebug WIP: Pretty in Pink”

  1. starlite75 Says:

    ooh such pretty fabric! I think adding some darker flowers would look lovely on it! 🙂

  2. satin taffy Says:

    Yes, I think some shades of pink would be beautiful…these are looking great!

  3. ollie & junebug Says:

    well that’s all the voting i need! i shall have to find some darker pink fabric soon to finish it off!

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