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Weekend Products – Satin Taffy March 17, 2008

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These are some of the efforts of my weekend o’ crafting.  Tell me what you think and if the price sounds about right:

Satin Taffy Tote

Crafting Tote
A tote with lots of hidden pockets on the inside to hold embroidery floss, scissors, needles and projects. Perfect for crafters on the go. Selling for $15-$22.

 cupcakes 5

Cupcake Art

Utilizing felting techniques, beading and old fashioned sewing, delicous works of art for your kitchen or any room that needs some tasty reminders.  Frames are 4″x6″.  Set sells for $10.

 Let me know your thoughts!  Thank you. 


One Response to “Weekend Products – Satin Taffy”

  1. Looks like you had a busy weekend! I love the crafting tote. Definitely take pictures of the inside when you post it in your shop. Showing the pockets will make it that much more enticing. I think $15-22 sounds like a very reasonable price range. What size are the bags?

    The cupcakes are wonderful! They’d make me want to bake so often if they were hanging in my kitchen! 🙂 They’d be cute in square frames too, with the border all the way around. I think I saw some inexpensive square frames at Michaels this weekend. Does $10 make up for the labor and supplies though?

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