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Banner Help for Satin Taffy March 15, 2008

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Hello Everyone!  I got some energy tonight and have been working on some banner options for my Satin Taffy shop on Etsy.  I work with fabric, felt and beading mediums, so I tried to pull some of those textures in.  Let me know your thoughts, I’m all ears.  Thank you.

SatinTaffy Option 1
Option 1

Satin Taffy 2
Option 2

Satin Taffy Option 3
Option 3


3 Responses to “Banner Help for Satin Taffy”

  1. Hey lady. I like the textures in the background. The only thing I think is that the name and url gets a bit lots amongst them. Maybe if Satin Taffy and the url were in white? Hooray for one more step in the process!

  2. satin taffy Says:

    Hey Thanks! Tell me what you think when it’s in it’s larger version on Etsy:

  3. Tizzalicious Says:

    I think I like the first one most 🙂

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