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WIP: Crocheted Pillow March 9, 2008

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Just wanted to share what I got up to this weekend…besides photoshopping, upholstering our couch and rearranging the furniture in the living room to accommodate hubby’s monstrous new tv, that is.  I really want all of my pillows to play on texture, so I set about a pillow cover that incorporates some of my crochet work.  It’s only pinned onto the pillow form at this point, but here’s a sneak peak:

 Crocheted Pillow

I unfortunately had no sunlight this weekend to work with, so I’ll have to try and get a better picture for you all later in the week.  The fabric is a cocoa brown, and the crochet is a teal, tan, and chocolate brown mix.  I think I might want to incorporate one more element…so stay tuned for the finished product!


One Response to “WIP: Crocheted Pillow”

  1. Satin Taffy Says:

    BEAUTIFUL! I love good mix of textures. Also, really liking the Ollie and Junebug branding on the pic. Looks like you were having fun. 🙂

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