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Etsy Survey Results March 7, 2008

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So, in the Storque they have the results of the latest Etsy survey.  Here are some snippets, but you should definitely check out the full article here.

Keep blogging:  Lots of buyers find out about Etsy through blogs.  To be exact, 26% find out about Etsy on blogs and 17% find out about the handmade products they buy on blogs.  The good news is 51% of the sellers who responded to the survey participate in blogging.

Use Etsy Mini: Almost all people who use Etsy mini (40% of total sellers) find it a valuable tool for promoting their shops.  So if you haven’t already, add an Etsy mini to your blog. 

Consider using category showcases:  Buyers found Category Showcases an important feature and frequently use category pages, the second most likely way to search for items on Etsy.

Showcase the uniqueness of your items:  Buyers shop on Etsy primarily to find unique items, because they value handmade goods and they want to support independent artists.  Buyers, and 80% of all respondents, are also willing to pay more for high quality, well crafted items. 


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