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ollie & junebug: font time! March 4, 2008

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I’m trying to narrow down what fonts I might want to use for my logos/banners, etc., as well as a good color scheme to work off…that I could incorporate into packaging, etc.  I think I know my favorites on this list, but I’ll wait to share until after I get some unbiased opinions from you! 

ollie & junebug font test

4 Responses to “ollie & junebug: font time!”

  1. Satin Taffy Says:

    Hello, I like the last one a lot…and I really like the middle red one with the e and the g up higher than the rest, but maybe a different color than red…one of the darker blues or something. I also like the fifth and fourth from the bottom. Fun stuff!

  2. stoopidgerl Says:

    I LOVE the last one with the fun green font. :O)

  3. ollie & junebug Says:

    well, there seems to be a lot of love for the last one, and that was in my top two, too! so, i’m going for it! hopefully i can post some drafts of banners soon! thanks for your comments stoopidgerl and satin taffy!!!

  4. […] share where I was so far!  I used the font that Satin Taffy and Stoopidgerl picked out from the Font Time post.  It’s cut off a bit on the right (just a grey area), so click on the banner to see the […]

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